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"  As built by deities, the administrative center, dazzling palaces and temples, the capital of Thailand. " 


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          International Affairs Division responsible for presenting “the Key to the City’ for  His Majesty the King’s honorable guests and dignitary leaders, international exchange projects and the secretarial work for international conferences ranging from the meeting summarization to documents translations such as articles, letters, news, videos, and books, including the interpretation of the contracts and letter correspondences, as well as working as a secretary of abroad trips and a coordinator for scholarships, training courses, study visits and all collaborative projects with the overseas.



“International Affairs Division is the lead organization of Bangkok Metropolitan Administration to develop the city to be the centre of the region and to move forward as equal as others global leading cities by cooperating with cities and international organizations as well as catching the chance of globalization in order to develop Bangkok Metropolitan in an efficiency way.”






1. To promote the good relation with other cities and the cities praised as the best model in any kinds of fields, as well as to enhance the role of Bangkok on the international stage by cooperating with international organizations.

2. To create the collaborative city development in many aspects, which lead Bangkok to be the sustainable livable metropolitan city and the center of the region.

3. To develop the human skills for professionally working as the center of International Affairs to support Bangkok development in the globalization trend.

4. To be the organization which has very high potential to support knowledge exchanges, create new intellectual structure for Bangkok Metropolitan, and spread out Bangkok’s knowledge and achievements to the international through the cooperative process between cities and international organizations.

5. To increase the role of International Affairs by focusing on the public relation to promote the image of Bangkok Metropolitan on the international stage.

6. To be the major department of Bangkok Metropolitan, coordinating in diplomatic ceremonies and with the embassies for all kinds of cooperation as well as focusing on all collaborative activities to enhance the good relation with foreign communities in Thailand.


I. Strategy of Bangkok Metropolitan Administration’s Management

1. City Planning and Urban Development: The purpose is to enhance Bangkok Metropolitan’s role of International Affairs in both bilateral level and multilateral level in order to exchange knowledge and experience as well as the cooperation between each other. By the best strategy, Bangkok Metropolitan can achieve to obtain more roles of International Affairs, especially the collaboration with the cities and on the international stages.

2. Urban economy and Tourism Promotion: the aim is to promote the efficiency of the tourism by internationally coordinating with other cities. As a result, by joining the city promotional projects and public relation events, Bangkok Metropolitan get well promoted and highly known in the global stage.

II. Strategy of Department Mission

1. City Planning and Urban Development is to extend friendly relations between Bangkok and other cities including international organizations which BMA is the member; to promote the relation and cooperation with foreign embassies in Thailand and foreign communities by seeking any beneficial coordination for both BMA and people; to encourage knowledge exchange and to share experiences with foreign countries 

2. Urban Administration under Good Governance: is to develop the human resource of International Affairs Division in proficiently welcoming foreign delegations, being more potential in communication and information network, and increasing the skills of English interpretation of BMA. Continuously working through the strategy, the officers of International Affairs Division can improve their operational skill, English language skill, and the skill of formal diplomatic ceremonies. The goal helps to improve not only the potentiality of the division, but also the English language skill to other officers from other departments.

III. Integrated Strategy or support other Departments

The purpose is to promote the information and knowledge of International Affairs of BMA for either internal or external departments of Bangkok Metropolitan; to support the English publications for the Bangkok publicity, including the website development as a Bangkok International Affairs database; to promote the use of formal English among Bangkok Metropolitan officers and to encourage the academic cooperation with the oversea countries. 

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by Dr. Radut