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Aichi-kai award scholarships for Bangkok’s students

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                  On 8th March 2019, Mr. Khachit Chatchawanit, Deputy Permanent Secretary for Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, welcomed the delegation from Aichi-kai association and presided over the 2018 Aichi-kai Scholarship Awards Ceremony together with Deputy Director-General of Education Department (Mr. Thanit Kittiphathanotai), Director of International Affairs Office, Director of City Relations Promotion Division of International Affairs Office, representatives from Education Department, BMA’s teachers and selected students from schools under BMA’s supervision, attended in the ceremony at Chao Phraya Room, Bangkok City Hall.

                   The Aichi-kai, an association of Japanese’s companies and organizations whose headquarters are located in Aichi prefecture and offshore business branch operates in Thailand, was found cooperatively in 1978 to contribute to the relationship between Japan and Thailand and to push forward the beneficial activities operation for public and members. Nowadays, the Aichi-kai comprises of 144 potential companies. Recently, Mr. Daisuke Yanagawa, vice president (financial and accounting section) of Toyota Daihatsu Engineering & Manufacturing Co., Ltd., was honorably appointed as an association president. The Aichi-kai has been awarding the scholarships for 31 years since 1989 with objective of supporting the better educational opportunity for indigent students studying in schools under BMA’s supervision. The scholarships are provided for 15 students in grade 6 or higher. Each would receive 7,000 baht scholarship to support the educational activities and fulfill future demands.

                   In this regard, Mr. Khachit Chatchawanit expressed his gratitude to the Aichi-kai delegation for supporting the scholarships to the Bangkok’s students for long time, and stated that the BMA strongly encourages the quality education for all. In April 2019, Bangkok will have a student exchange program in Aichi prefecture which is to promote intercultural learning and to help further the stronger relations between Bangkok and Aichi. He really believes that the students will implement scholarships by spending worthily and effectively for education.

Friday, March 8, 2019

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by Dr. Radut