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Exhibition of Centenary Clay Figurine Works by Zhang Family Hosted in Tianjin

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In celebration of the 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China, an Exhibition of Centenary Clay Figurine Works by the Zhang Family and themed lectures were recently hosted in the Library of Tianjin Normal University.

A total of 14 sets of clay figurine works by the century-old Zhang family were shown, including two pieces by the founder Zhang Mingshan (both Qing Dynasty Figures), one piece by the fifth-generation heir Zhang Naiying (Spring of Yan River), and over 10 pieces by the sixth-generation heir Zhang Yu. The exhibition is to show the charm of Chinese traditional art to the university faculty and students.  

The first clay figurines by the Zhang family were made 193 years ago. Clay figurine-making is now regarded as a valuable Chinese intangible cultural heritage. Dated back to the end of the Qing Dynasty, this form of art represents the essence of Chinese traditional culture. 

The exhibition displayed a great number of historic photos, videos, and documents reflecting the details of how the Zhang family developed over a course of 200 years. A delightful experience ensued as visitors learned about six generations of artists who had once served the imperial family and enjoyed the traditional Chinese art first created 193 years ago.

Tianjin Normal University is an all-time advocate of culture and art. It offers a elective course on Clay Figurine Zhang Technique Succession and Business Operation, and invites Zhang Yu to deliver themed lectures. 

Tianjin Municipal Government
Exhibition of Centenary Clay Figurine Works by Zhang Family Hosted in Tianjin
Friday, October 4, 2019 - 09:30

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by Dr. Radut