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The New Apprenticeship System in Enterprises in Dalian will be fully implemented in our city

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According to the Municipal Bureau of Human and Social Affairs, the Work Plan for Implementing the New Apprenticeship System in Enterprises in Dalian has been officially issued. The new apprenticeship system of enterprises will be carried out in our city, with the main content of "recruiting workers is enrollment, entering enterprises is enrollment, and joint training of enterprises and schools", to encourage enterprises to carry out large-scale training of skilled personnel and enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of the training of skilled personnel.

The full implementation of the new apprenticeship system in enterprises is an important measure to implement the national vocational skills upgrading. According to the Work Plan for Implementing the New Apprenticeship System in Dalian Municipality jointly issued by the Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security and the Municipal Department of Finance, the apprentices are newly recruited and transferred personnel for skill positions with labor contracts signed with enterprises for more than one year, mainly to train medium and high-level skilled workers who meet the needs of the posts of enterprises, and the training period is 1 to 2 years. During the period of apprenticeship and training, the enterprise shall pay wages in accordance with regulations, and the wages shall not be lower than the minimum wage in the place where the enterprise is located.

The new apprenticeship training in enterprises adopts the training mode of "enterprise-school dual system, work-study integration", and the apprenticeship training in enterprises and technical colleges, vocational colleges, vocational training institutions, enterprise training centers and other educational and training institutions adopts the methods of "enterprise-school dual-qualified apprenticeship" and "work-study alternation" to jointly train apprentices. Upon the expiration of the apprenticeship training period, the apprentice may participate in the appraisal of vocational skills or the examination of graduation, and obtain the corresponding vocational qualification certificate,vocational skill grade certificate, special vocational ability certificate, training qualification certificate or graduation certificate.

Our city provides vocational training subsidy to the enterprises carrying out apprenticeship training according to regulations. If an apprentice obtains a vocational qualification certificate or a vocational skill grade certificate at the expiration of his apprenticeship period, he shall be subsidized according to RMB 5,000 yuan for intermediate workers and RMB 6,000 yuan for senior workers each year; Those who obtain one of the special vocational ability certificates, training qualification certificates and graduation certificates shall be subsidized according to the standard of RMB 4,000 yuan per person per year. The new apprenticeship training subsidy for enterprises shall be paid first and then supplemented. Upon the commitment of the enterprise, each district may advance 30 per cent of the subsidy funds to the enterprise included in the apprenticeship scheme in accordance with the regulations. Upon completion of the training tasks, the remaining subsidy funds shall be allocated in accordance with the principle of "more refunds and less compensation".


DALIAN, CHINA (Dalian Municipal People's Government Website), Dated 12 Nov 2019
The New Apprenticeship System in Enterprises in Dalian will be fully implemented in our city
Tuesday, November 12, 2019 - 09:00

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