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The Delegation from ICDL Paid the Courtesy Call on Deputy Permanent Secretary for BMA (Mr. Khachit Chatchawanit)

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On 15 January 2020 at 09.30 a.m., Mr. Damien O’Sullivan, Chief Executive of ICDL Foundation, together with his delegation paid the courtesy call on Mr. Khachit Chatchawanit, Deputy Permanent Secretary for BMA, to discuss on promoting the cooperation to support Thai public and private personnel on digital literacy skills. In this regard, Director-General of Strategy and Evaluation Department, Director of Computer System Development Division, Director of the BMA Government Teacher and Educational Person Development Institute, Director of City Relations Promotion Division of International Affairs Office, and BMA officials jointly welcomed the delegation at Burirom Room, 5th Floor, Bangkok City Hall.   

Deputy Permanent Secretary for BMA discussed with Chief Executive of ICDL Foundation about standard digital literacy skill test setting for the BMA personnel and requested ICDL Thailand for the ICDL test papers. BMA also submitted letter to ICDL Thailand asking for the advices on the suitable test setting method for the BMA. The BMA will be the operator for its own training and test setting by using the ICDL test papers. For the first period, BMA will request ICDL Thailand for training and testing BMA personnel to be the BMA digital skill trainers. BMA has set up the standard digital literacy skill test center that, hopefully, would be completed in June 2020. On this occasion, ICDL Thailand offered the training programs focused on the group of non-IT specialists for digital skill capacity building such as ICDL Workforce, ICDL Professional, and ICDL Inside. Moreover, there is a program called “ICDL Digital Citizen” that is suitable for people in the community and to provide them the digital skills starting from basic skills to the required level. ICDL Thailand is also pleased to cooperate with BMA to set up the test center as a network of ICDL standard digital literacy skill tests and to train BMA personnel to become digital skill trainers. For the BMA side, Strategy and Evaluation Department will be the responsible agency to coordinate with ICDL Thailand to operate the test setting.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

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by Dr. Radut