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"  As built by deities, the administrative center, dazzling palaces and temples, the capital of Thailand. " 


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The Asian Network of Major Cities 21(ANMC 21)




The Asian Network of Major Cities 21 or ANMC 21 was an initiatived by the Provincial government of Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, New Delhi and Seoul     

Objective :

To share their knowledge and experience of mutual problems, together with promoting the cooperation in joint projects. Representatives; Governors, Deputy Governor and Mayor, from major Asian cities are invited to attend the meeting.


Location of Secretarial office :

Headquarters of  the Governor of Tokyo,

Tokyo Metropolitan Government ,

8-1, Nishi-Shinjuku 2-Chome, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163-8001 JAPAN

Tel : 81-3-5388-2233

Fax: 81-3-5388-1215


Cities Members:

Thirteen cities, namely New Delhi, Hanoi, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Seoul, Taipei, Tokyo, Yangon, Singapore, Ulaanbaatar, Tomsk and Bangkok 


Member type of Bangkok

Formal Member, No annual free

        Informal Member ; Non-member, but occasionally participate in the Network’s activities


BMA’s Activities over the Past 3 Years:

1. Participation in the Plenary Meetings of the Asian Network of Major Cities 21 (ANMC 21) during 2001-2013.

2. The Workshop of the Asian Network of major cities 21;

     2.1. Bangkok hosted the 1st working level meeting of Asian Network of Major cities 21 (ANMC 21) during November 21-22,200- at the center point, Witthayu Road, Bangkok

Level Meeting of the Asian Network of Major Cities 21 (ANMC 21) organized during November 21-22, 2006 at the Centre Point, Wireless Road, Bangkok.

     2.2. Bangkok hosted the 4th working level meeting of the Asian Network of Major cities21 (ANMC 21) during July 28-30, 2009 at Pullman Hotel, Bangkok 

3. Joint Project

     3.1. Bangkok hosted 5thCounterneasures to Combat Infection Disease During July 22-23, 2008 at Anoma Hotel, Ratchadamri Road, Bangkok

     3.2. Bangkok hosted 10th the asian Crisis Management conference during June 13-14,2012 at Siam City Hotel, Bangkok



BMA’s Upcoming Activities

1. Participation in the 13th Plenary Meeting of the Asian Network of Major Cities 21 (ANMC 21) organized in September 2014 in Tomsk, Russia.

2. Hosting the 10th Conference of Countermeasures to Combat Infection Disease organized during February 2-3, 2015.


  Link :  http://www.anmc21.org


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