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"  As built by deities, the administrative center, dazzling palaces and temples, the capital of Thailand. " 

Asian-Pacific City Summit

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Asian-Pacific City Summit 




Background and Objectives :

      To provide an opportunity for major cities in the Asian Pacific region to share their knowledge and experience on city management. Mayors of respective member cities will get together in every 2 years.

Location of Secretarial office :

Fukuoka Asian Urban Research Center

1-10-1, Tenjin, Chuo-ku,

Fukuoka 810-0001, Japan

Member Cities:

      Member cities consist of Bangkok, Kingdom of Thailand; Dalian, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Urumqi, People’s Republic of China; Ho Chi Minh City, Socialist Republic of Viet Num; Jakarta, Republic of Indonesia; Busan and Incheon, Republic of Korea; Manila, Republic of the Philippines; Fukuoka, Nagasaki, Miyazaki, Oita, Naha and Saga, Japan;  Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh, Malaysia; Brisbane, Australia; Honolulu, United States of America and Singapore including delegates from cities across the Asia-Pacific region and representatives from various organizations such as the United nations and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

Member type of Bangkok :

Formal Member, No annual fee

          Informal Member

         Non-member, but occasionally participate in the organization’s activities

BMA’s Activities over the Past 3 Years:

  1. Participated in the 7th Mayors Conference organized in Urumqi, People’s Republic of China, during August 8-10, 2006. Mr. Kriangphol Phattanarath, Director of Phrakhanong District Office, then Director of International Affairs Division, was BMA’s representative.
  2. Attended the Workshop on City Development between Bangkok and Fukuoka organized during December 13-15, 2007 at the Indra Hotel, Bangkok.
  3. Attended the 8th Mayors Conference organized from September 28-October 1, 2008 in Dalian, People’s Republic of China, with Deputy Permanent Secretary for the BMA (Mrs. Wanwilai Promlakano) as Head of the delegation.

BMA’s Upcoming Activities:

  1. To attend the 8th Asian-Pacific Working Level in 2009. Host city is pending notification from the Secretariat. 
  2. To attend the Workshop on City development, which is a parallel activity with the 8th Asian-Pacific City Summit organized in 2009. Host city is pending notification from the Secretariat.

Link : http://www.urc.or.jp/summit/en/index.html


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