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"  As built by deities, the administrative center, dazzling palaces and temples, the capital of Thailand. " 

C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group

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Background and Objectives :

     BMA accepted the invitation of Mr. Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London, England, to join the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group on 26 December 2006. The purpose of the organization is to develop clean technology, to transfer technology and knowledge management for reducing greenhouse gas and other environmental problems, as well as to promote the image of Bangkok as the city caring for environment. The president of the group at present is Mr. David Miller, Mayor of Toronto.

Location of Secretarial office :

        C40 Secretariat

       Toronto City Hall

       2nd Floor, 100 Queen St. West, Toronto ON M5H 2N2    Canada

     Member Cities:

40  Cities as follows :

  1. Addis Ababa         Ethiopia
  2. Athens                   Greece
  3. Bangkok                Thailand
  4. Beijing                  Republic of China
  5. Berlin                    Germany
  6. Bogotá                  Columbia
  7. Buenos Aires       Argentina
  8. Cairo                     Egypt
  9. Caracas                Venezuela
  10. Chicago                The United States of America
  11. Delhi                    India
  12. Dhaka                  Bangladesh
  13. Hanoi                   Vietnam
  14. Houston               The United States of America
  15. Hong Kong         Republic of China
  16. Istanbul                Turkey
  17. Jakarta                 Indonesia
  18. Johannesburg      South Africa
  19. Karachi               Pakistan
  20. Lagos                 Nigeria
  21. Lima                   Peru
  22. London              United Kingdom
  23. Los Angeles        The United States of America
  24. Madrid                Spain
  25. Melbourne          Australia
  26. Mexico City       Mexico
  27. Moscow             Russia
  28. Mumbai              India
  29. New York          The United States of America
  30. Paris                   France
  31. Philadelphia       The United States of America
  32. Rio de Janeiro   Brazil
  33. Rome                 Italy
  34. Sao Paulo          Brazil
  35. Seoul                 Republic of Korea
  36. Shanghai           Republic of China
  37. Sydney              Australia
  38. Tokyo               Japan
  39. Toronto             Canada
  40. Warsaw            Russia

Member type of Bangkok :

Formal member: no annual fee

         Informal Member

         Non-member, but occasionally participate in the organization’s activities

      BMA Activities over the past 3 years:

  1. Participated in the C40 Large Cities Climate Summit at New York, USA in May 2007. Bangkok Governor was BMA representative to join this summit.
  2. Joined the C40 Workshop on Transport and Congestion at London, United Kingdom in December 2007. Mr. Ourawit Henajuta, Director General of Engineering Traffic Division, Traffic and Transportation Department was BMA representative for the workshop.
  3. Participated in the C40 Tokyo Conference on Climate Change during 21-24 October 2008 at Tokyo, Japan. Flying Officer Irawas Pattamasukon, Director General of Department of Environment was BMA representative for the conference.

     BMA's Upcoming Activities:

       C40 Large Cities Climate Summit Seoul in May 2009 at Seoul, Republic of Korea.


Link :http://www.c40cities.org/    


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by Dr. Radut