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Background and Objectives

  • CITYNET was established in 1987 with the Secretariat Office located at Yokohama, Japan. It is a regional cooperation originated from the initiation of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UN ESCAP), which realized the significance of cooperation between cities especially in developing countries. Its main objectives are to develop a systematic urban management and improve people’s life quality.
  • Mr.Hiroshi Nakada, Mayor of Yokohama City, is CITYNET President at present.
  • BMA has been a CITYNET member since 1992. The Governor of Bangkok has been elected as Vice President for 3 consecutive terms (each of 4 years) since 1998 up to present (the latest election was on October 13, 2005). 2005)
  • CITYNET launches its activities to promote knowledge, skills and techniques through 4 major programs: training, seminars and forums, technical advisory services (TAS), and technical cooperation among cities of developing countries (TCDC). Within TCDC framework, CITYNET facilitates study visits and exchanges of advisory team between cities in order to provide technical assistance on urban issues.

Location of Secretarial office :

Yokohama, Japan

Member Cities:

Presently, CITYNET has over 100 members from more than 20 countries in the Asia-Pacific Region.Members with status in the Executive Committee are Yokohama, Mumbai, Bangkok, Colombo, Kathmandu, Kuala Lumpur, Makati, Seoul, AIILSG (All India Institute of Local Self Government), ACHR (Asian Coalition for Housing Rights), AIM (Association of Indonesian Municipalities) and Urban Community of Greater Lyon.

BMA Membership:

Full member with annual fee of US$ 6,500 (approximately Bt. 227,500)


BMA Activities over the past 3 Years:

1. Hospitality to study groups from CITYNET members:

  • Welcomed the Executive Board from Kathmandu, Nepal, one of the CITYNET members. The study program concerned with BMA’s housing management and BMA’s roles and authorities in developing urban settlements.
  • Welcomed the delegates Hue, Vietnam, for a study visit about poverty relief and capacity increase in August 2006.


2. BMA representative participated in the conferences, seminars or workshop hosted or co-hosted by CITYNET in other countries:

  • BMA representative participated in the Pacific region pre-meeting for the Second World Summit of cities and local authorities on the Information Society in order to seek visions and develop operations for the Asian-Pacific cities in achieving the information society as well as managing new financial mechanisms for information technology projects. The meeting was organized in May 2005 at Shanghai, Republic of China.
  • BMA representative participated in the Pro Act Capacity Building Workshop at Phnom Penh, Cambodia in June 2005. The purpose of this workshop was to promote cooperation between cities in Europe and Asia as well as encourage mutual support for urban projects in the areas of infrastructure and environment.
  • BMA representative participated in CITYNET Congress, which consisted of the 20th and 21st Executive Board Meetings, the General Council Conference, and the Forth Asia Pacific Urban Forum of UNESCAP on “Making Millennium Development Goals Work for Cities” organized in October 2005 at Hanoi, Vietnam.
  • BMA officials participated in the workshop on integrated urban planning for sustainable development which was co-hosted by CITYNET and the Ground Training Center of Kuala Lumpur. The workshop was organized in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in July 2006.
  • BMA specialist was sent to Hue City under the Technical Advisory Service Project between Bangkok and Hue City, Vietnam, in September 2006 with main focus on wastewater treatment.
  • BMA representatives participated in the 22nd Executive Committee Meeting, the Seminar on “Enhancing the City-to-City Euro-Asian Dialogue: Euro-Asian Decentralized Cooperation”, the workshop on reduction of garbage in the Asia-Pacific region, and the extra workshop on promotion of e-administration in the Asian-Pacific region organized in Mumbai, Republic of India, in November 2006.


  • BMA officials attended the training course on public sector’s management of water consumption and sanitation which was co-hosted between CITYNET and the Ground Training Center of Kuala Lumpur. The training was conducted in Malaysia in December 2006.
  • BMA representatives participated in the 23rd Executive Committee Meeting and the International Seminar on water sanitation for the people organized during November 13-17, 2007 in Makati, the Philippines.
  •  BMA representative participated in the International City-to-City Seminar on Connecting our Urban Core to the Global Agenda organized on March 3-4, 2008 in Yokohama, Japan, with main focus on global warming issue.


BMA's Upcoming Activities:

  •  To attend the 24th Executive Committee Meeting organized in Changwon, Republic of Korea, on 29 October 2008. 
  • To attend the CITYNET Congress which is the major forum for CITYNET members (holding every 4 years), organized in Yokohama in 2009. 
  • To send BMA representatives for future training and seminars organized by CITYNET.


Link :  http://www.citynet-ap.org/



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by Dr. Radut