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CLAIR : Council of Local Authorities for International Relations

Background and Objectives :

      The Council of Local Authorities for International Relations (CLAIR) was formed in July 1998 in response to rising needs of local authorities in Japan for international cooperation and exchanges of activities. Its main activities include:  

- Managing Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program;

- Promoting international exchange activities of Japanese local governments, notably sister-city relations;

- Supporting international cooperation activities of local governments.

Location of Secretarial office :

Tokyo, Japan

BMA Membership:

Formal Member, with …………Baht for annual free

         Informal Member

        Not Member, but occasionally participate in the organization’s activities.

BMA Activities over the past 3 Years:  

  1. CLAIR offered to send Japanese specialist under its Specialist Dispatch Project scheme in order to give advices on BMA’s operations. The International Affairs Division had informed BMA’s work units accordingly, but due to restrictions in terms of budget and translator, no work unit accepted the offer.
  2. CLAIR facilitated a study tour for BMA’s International Affairs Division officers in March 2007. The study, focusing on international activities of Japan’s local administrations, was conducted at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, CLAIR Secretariat Office, Yokohama City and Saitama Prefecture.
  3. BMA sent Mr. Paisarn Mahaphannaporn, Assistant Secretary to the BMA Governor, to attend the seminar on international exchange and cooperation between Japan’s local governments and CLAIR’s city networks during July 1-8 2007 in Tokyo.

Link : http://www.clair.or.jp/e/



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