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Global Design Cities Organization

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Global Design Cities Organization


       As a global consultative group on urban design policies, the Global Design Cities Organization (GDCO) enables cities worldwide to discuss future-oriented schemes for urban development spearheaded by design and urban design policy. At the WDC World Design Cities Summit held in February 2010, delegations from 32 cities reached a consensus about the ongoing necessity of mutual cooperation for global progress in urban design, thereby concluding the biannual hosting of the Global Design Cities Summit (GDCS) with its inception in 2011.


       After a stringent screening process, the Chinese city of Yangzhou was officially appointed as the first host city for the GDCS. With the aim of showcasing the inauguration of the GDCO, the GDCS 2011 Yangzhou will be concurrently held with the Inaugural Assembly of the GDCO on September 25-27, 2011.


       The GDCO actively seeks ways to tap into urban design resources to improve the quality of life and rectif y urban problems (i.e. environmental issues) across underdeveloped and advanced economies, thereby facilitating the enhancement of happiness index of citizens in every corner of the world.
The GDCO does its utmost to fulfill the following visions:



  Link : http://www.gdcsummit.org

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