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"  As built by deities, the administrative center, dazzling palaces and temples, the capital of Thailand. " 


City Information

          Peking or Beijing is a capital city of People’s Republic of China. It’s abbreviation name is Jing. It is located on the North Western of Wah Bei Plain. Its former name was “Ji” while Chunqiu Zhanguo was the capital city of Yan State, and during Lieo Dynasty, it was the minor city named Yan Jing that was the capital of China since the Dynasty of Jin, Yuan, Ming, Qin and until the period of the People’s Republic of China, it was named Jongtu, Tatu, Beiping, and Peijing had over 60 calling names since it was established as a city since 1928. Nowadays, Beijing, covering 16,800 squared kilometers, is divided in 16 regions and 2 districts. It is a city directly under the federal government. By the end of 2002, the population of Beijing was 1,136,300. Beijing has been a center of politics, culture, science, education, and communication hub and it is also a famous tourist center not only in China but also in the world as well. Major attractions of Beijing are the Great Wall of China, Imperial Palaces, Temple Heaven, Imperial Tombs of Ming Dynasty, Summer Palace, Mount Xiangshan, etc. Beijing in the present day is one of the four special administrative regions of P.R.C. that is at equal status to a province. After Beijing was established as a capital city of P.R.C. in 1949, it had been developing very fast especially after the 20th Century. Beijing in the present days has high buildings in alternating to streets and not only maintains its ancient city but also expresses its developed city and becomes a large city of the world.

General Facts of Beijing
         Beijing is the second largest city of P.R.C., minor to Shanghai. Beijing is the administration, education, transportation, and Chinese cultural centre while the economic centre is in Shanghai and Hong Kong. Beijing is one of the four Great Ancient Capitals of China and was chosen to be the host of Summer Olympic Games 2008. Beijing has long history since Yuan Dynasty until the present time. It has been political, economic, educational, science, and cultural centre of China with many historical sites such as Tiananmen, The Great Wall of China, Summer Palaces, Forbidden City, etc. Its history began since the prehistoric period in reference to the discovery of Beijing men’s skeletons that proved Beijing’s civilization since 13th Century. In B.E. 1964 (1421), Yongle Emperor made new city planning and constructed new city and moved the government base for a temporary period of time from Nanjing to Peijing or Beijing.


         Within the passed 30 years, Beijing became an important city of the world as the most important commercial and investment centre of China. A lot of tourists visited China in each year for traveling, studying, and business. The people of Beijing have better quality of life and get more influences from western culture.





          Beijing of People’s Republic of China signed on establishing a Sister City with Bangkok by
Capt. Krissada Arunwongsa Na Ayuthaya the Governor of Bangkok and Mr. Li Qiyan the Mayor of Beijing of People’s Republic of China on 26th May 1993 at Beijing. The mutual relationship between Bangkok and Beijing has been carried out very well even before the establishment of Sister City until the present day.

Download document of Signing on Sister City Agreement with Beijing.

Leader Name

Mr.Guo Jinlong

Consequences activities after signing on the agreement.

No.DateActivityVenueAlbum PhotoAlbum video
125-30 May 1993Capt. Krissada Arunwongsa Na Ayuthaya, Governor of Bangkok and Administrative Committee visited Beijing for the signing on Sister City Establishment. Beijing
219-22 December 1998Beijing sent a group of representatives to sign on the arrangement of ASIAD Host City Allied Youth Camp. Bangkok
36-13 December1999Beijing sent a group of representatives and youths to join in 1st ASIAD Host City Allied Youth Camp hosted by Bangkok. Thailand-Japan Sports Centre, Bangkok.
427 February – 2 March 2000 Mr. Pijit Rattakul, Governor of Bankok, and the administrative committee of Bangkok in participation with the group of Mr. Pichai Rattakul, Deputy Prime Minister, visited People's Republic of China in reference to its government invitation. The Governor of Bangkok and Mayor of Beijing met and singed on a Minutes of Understanding on culture, tourism, and sports. Beijing
522-29 August 2000Bangkok sent a group of representatives and youths to join in the 2nd ASIAD Host City Allied Youth Camp hosted by Beijing. Beijing
610-12 May 2001A group of Discipline Inspector of Beijing visited Bangkok for observing Bangkok's discipline conduction. Bangkok Metropolitan Administration.
720-25 April 2002Representatives from Beijing joined in Sister Cities Week and participated in 220th Anniversary of Bangkok Celebration. Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel, Bangkok.
88 June 2005Mr.Qin Yusen, a Cultural Ambassador of the Embassy of People's Republic of China in Thailand paid a visit to the Governor of Bangkok for conversation on a project to celebrate  the 30 Years of Thailand – China Relationship. Bangkok
928 June - 2 July 2005 Mr. Apirak Kosayothin, Governor of Bangkok and committee visited Beijing in participating in the celebration for 30 years of Thailand – China Relationship and the 12th Anniversary of Beijing – Bangkok Sister Cities. Beijing
1028-31 August 2005Mr. Li Baochun, the Director of Beijing's International Cooperation Exchange visited Bangkok for a discussion on Beijing acrobatics show and the academic exchange. Bangkok Metropolitan Administration
116-14 December 2005Beijing sent a group of representatives and youths to the 5th ASIAD Host City Allied Youth Camp hosted by Bangkok. Thailand- Japan Sports Centre, Bangkok
127-9 December 2005Representatives from Beijing visited Bangkok for the discussion on setting up a Chinese building for 30 Years of Thailand -China Relationship. Bangkok Metropolitan Administration
1327 January - 10 February 2006Beijing's acrobats and officials had acrobatics shows in Bangkok in celebration to 30 Years of Thailand – China Relationship. Indoor Stadium, Hua Mak, Bangkok.
147-13 August 2006Bangkok sent a group of representatives and youths to participate in 6th ASIAD Host City Allied Youth Camp, hosted by Beijing. Beijing
1523 -29 August 2006Beijing sent representatives and youths to participate in Bangkok International Children's Games 2006, hosted by Bangkok. Thailand – Japan Sports Centre
1610 December 2007 - 8 February 2008Beijing sent a group of craftsmen and officials to built up Lumbhini Park
1722-23 February 2008Mr. Lu Hao, Deputy Mayor of Beijing with administrative committee and officials participated in the opening ceremony of Thai-Chinese Relations Pavilion in Bangkok. Lumbini Park, Bangkok


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