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"  As built by deities, the administrative center, dazzling palaces and temples, the capital of Thailand. " 


City Information

Budapest (English: Budapest; Hungary: Budapest [budɒpɛʃt]) is the capital of Hungary. Budapest centers of government, commerce, industry and transportation of Hungary. Budapest’s population was decline from the 2.07 million in mid 1980s to 1.7 million.

In 1873, Budapest became a single city with a territory cover both sides of Danube river bank, which is Buda and Óbuda on the right and Pets on the left.




Budapest signed a Sister City relationship established online by the Mr. Bhichit Rattakul the governor of Bangkok and Mr.GaborDemszky the governor and mayor of Budapest on February 20, 1997. Bangkok and City of Budapest have the good connection from that time till now.

Download the Sister City Agreement, Budapest.

Leader Name

Mayor István Tarlós

Consequences activities after signing on the agreement.

No.DateActivityVenueAlbum PhotoAlbum video
121October 1997The Hungarian Ambassador to Thailand, HEMr.Andras Szabo visited the BMA governor to discuss the cooperation activities that have not been made .between Bangkok and Budapest. Bangkok Metropolitan Administration
214-15 November 1997Experts from Hungary, have introduced the rodenticides technology to Health Department and the Pollution free fertilizer to the cooperate farmers of the Community Development Department. Health Department and Community Development Department.
310 January 2006Dr. ZoltanTheeroczy, representatives from the Mayor of Budapest office and the Embassy of Hungary in Thailand, has been discussed with the Department of Foreign Affairs about the activities that not progress after signing the Sister City Agreement. Department of Foreign Affairs
47 April 2006Department of Foreign Affairs proposed The City PR-Budapest Project at Hungary on 19-21 August 2006 to the BMA governor. Department of Foreign Affairs


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