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"  As built by deities, the administrative center, dazzling palaces and temples, the capital of Thailand. " 

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       Astana (Kazakh: Actana) (formerly: Akmola) is the capital and second largest city of Kazakhstan with a population of 692,000 (2010), a 722 square miles area. Population density of Astana is 813 persons / sq km. Astana is located in the north-central portion of Kazakhstan, within Akmola Province, though administrated separately from the province as a federal city area. The elevation of Astana is at 347 meters (1,138 ft) above sea level. The city landmark is a Bayterek tower.




Mr. Samak Sundaravej Bangkok Governor And Dzhaksybekov Adilbek Ryskeldinovich the leader of the City of Astana, Kazakhstan signed a Sister City relationship established on June 11, 2004 at Astana city.

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Leader Name

Mangali Tasmagambetov

Consequences activities after signing on the agreement.

No.DateActivityVenueAlbum PhotoAlbum video
111 June 2004Bangkok Governor, Samak Sundaravej, leader of the City of Astana, DzhaksybekovAdilbekRyskeldinovich signed to establish sister-city relationship. Astana city


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