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"  As built by deities, the administrative center, dazzling palaces and temples, the capital of Thailand. " 

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Chao Zhou

City Information

General Information 1.Region

    Chao Zhou is located on the east of Guangdong Province, covering 3,614 KM2.



    Chao Zhou is situated in subtropical zone with average temperature all year at 20-22 degree Celsius.


3. Population


 Population of Chao Zhou is 2.5 millions.


4. GDP

GDP in 2005 was 289,000 millions Yuan, 12% increased.

GDP in 2006 was 33,100 millions Yuan, 13% increased.



5. Agriculture

Major agricultural produces are pickled vegetable and tea leaf and fruits are banana, pineapple, lichee, orange, cherry plum, etc.



6. Industry

    Major industry of Chao Zhou includes pottery, toy, garment, processed food, electronic, plastic, stainless, etc.



7. Import – Export

The total value in 2005 was US 1,891.97 millions dollars, 23.3% increased.

Imported US 411.79 million dollars, 15.8% increased.

Exported US 1,480.18 millions dollars, 25.6% increased.


The total value in 2006 was US 2,295.79 million dollars, 21.3% increased.

    - Imported US 493.57 millions dollars, 19.9% increased.

    - Exported US 1,802.22 millions dollars, 21.8% increased.





       Chao Zhou or Teochew of the People's Republic of China signed on the Sister City Agreement with Bangkok by Mr. Apirak Kosayothin, Governor of Bangkok, and Mr. Tang Si Khun, Acting Mayor of Teochew, on 23rd November 2005 in Bangkok. The relationship of Bangkok and Teochew has been very well since the signing on the agreement till the present.

Download the document of Sister City with Teochew.

Leader Name

Zhang Guangning

Consequences activities after signing on the agreement.

No.DateActivityVenueAlbum PhotoAlbum video
121-25 November 2005Mr. Lua Wunjue, Secretary of Chinese Communist Party of Teochew and Mr. Tang Si khun, Mayor of Teochew, with 57 committes visited Bangkok for signing on the Sister City Agreement with Bangkok. Bangkok Metropolitan Administration.
223 -29 August 2006Teochew sent a group of representatives and youths for Bangkok International Children’s Games 2006, hosted by Bangkok. Thai-Japanese Sports Centre.
330 January 2007 Mr. Apirak Kosayothin, Governor of Bangkok, had a TV record blessing the people of Teochew on the occasion of Chinese New Year 2007 to be on-air on Teochew TV. Bangkok Metropolitan Administration.
417-20 June 2007Mr. Sukij Kongthoranin, Advisor to Governor of Bangkok, with administrative committee and cultural performers attended 2nd Chaozhou Culture & Tourism Festival. Chao Zhou.


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