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"  As built by deities, the administrative center, dazzling palaces and temples, the capital of Thailand. " 

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City Information

        Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia and the largest city of South East Asia, located on northeast of Java with population of 8.3 millions (2000). Its former names were Batavia or Patavia.

        The initial settle down on the land of Jakarta as existing by evidence is Kelapa Pier, located near the estuary of Jiliwung River which originated by Hindu's settlement since the 5th Chritian Era. In 12th Christian Era, Kelapa was a significant pier of the Kingdom of HIndu named Sunda. There is a memo showing that Portuguese was the first group of European arrived Kelapa. The Hindu King allowed Portuguese merchants to set up a fortress in Kelapa in early 16th Christian Era. Nowadays, the pier in Jakarta still uses the name Sunda Kelapa.



        In 1527, it was seized by Fatahillah (Faletehan) the young leader from nearby northern kingdom. Fatahilla changed its name from Kelapa to Jayakarta meaning “conquering and prosperity” in Java language. On 22nd June 1619, a troop of Dutch East Indies by Jan Pieterszoon Coen seized the city and changed its name from Jayakarta to Batavia that was a Latin name of a tribe lived in Netherland during the period of Roman. Batavia was the capital of Dutch East Indies. In early 19th Christian Era, the city was expanded when the Dutch began to move southward to higher land where was believed to be more fertility. The Britains seized Java in 1811 and hold it for 5 years while the Netherlands was in Napoleanic Wars and returned the land back to the Dutch later.


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       After the Dutch's ruling covered all over Java in the 19th and early 20th Christian Eras, Batavia became more importance. The strategy of Dutch to maintain influence and tax income made any export from any part of the region to  pass Batavia. That made the city become more powerful on economy and politic even in the present time.

       Japan seized over Batavia in 1942 during World War II and changed its name to Jakarta to obtain acceptance from the locals. After the lose of Japan in 1945, the Dutch reseized the city eventhough the Indonesians declared independence on 17th August 1945. Jakarta was the target that the Dutch tried to influence over again during the independence war that ended up by the establishment of Indonesian in 1949.




Jakarta of Indonesia signed on the Sister City Agreement with Bangkok by Mr. Samak Sundaravej (Bangkok Governor) and Lieutenant General Sutiyoso (Jakarta Governor) on 21st January 2002 at Jakarta. The relationship between Bangkok and Jakarta has been good since the signing on the agreement.

Download the document of Sister City with Jakarta

Leader Name

Dr. Ing. H. Fauzi Bowo

Consequences activities after signing on the agreement.

No.DateActivityVenueAlbum PhotoAlbum video
122 April 1999 Ambassador of the Kingdom of Thailand to Jakarta paid a courtesy call on the Governor of Jakarta and consulted on the possibility of founding Sister City with Bangkok. Jakarta
23-6 October 2000Lieutenant Sutiyoso, Governor of Jakarta, paid a visit to Bangkok and signed on the Letter Of Intent of Sister City with Bangkok with Mr. Samak Sundaravej, Governor of Bangkok, and paid a field trip concerning solutions to traffic problems, flood mitigation, and waste water management. LOI on 5th October 2000.
319-21 January 2002Mr. Samak Sundaravej, Governor of Bangkok, paid a visit to Jakarta for signing on a MOU of founding Sister City relation. Jakarta
421 March 2002 Mr. Robert P. Silalahi, Director of Jakarta Tourism Office, paid a courtesy call on the Governor of Bangkok and had a conversation on delivery of performers to join in Rattanakosin Bicentenial Celebration. Bangkok Metropolitan Administration.
520-25 April 2002Mr. Fautzi Alwi Yachin, Deputy Governor of Jakarta, and officials participated in Sister Cities Week and 220th Anniversary Celebration of Rattanakosin. Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel, Bangkok
610-12 November 2002A group of 4 from Jakarta made a field trip on the internal audit and got brief on Bangkok Metropolitan Administration's internal audition. Bangkok Metropolitan Administration
715-19 October 2003A field trip group from Jakarta visited on a briefing of human resource management. Bangkok Metropolitan Administration
8June 2004 Bangkok sent a team of basketball to participate in Jakarta Sister City Basketball Tournament 2004 Jakarta
929 September -2 October 2004Bangkok sent officials attending a workshop of Local Assets Management. Jakarta
1021-24 November 2004Mrs. Pensri Pichaisanit, Deputy Governor of Bangkok, with administrative committee, officials, and cultural performers attended the 4th Asian Network of Major Cities at Jakarta. Jakarta
1130 November – 2 December 2004Lieutenant Sutiyoso, Governor of Jakarta, with committee attended 6th Asian Pacific City Summit, hosted by Bangkok. Bangkok
12Bangkok sent a basketball team to join in Jakarta Sister City Basketball Tournament 2005. Jakarta
1318-20 December 2005Mr.Yudhi Hermawan, an officer from Jakarta Cooperation Office, participated in the discussion about cooperation project regarding to Sister City Agreement. Bangkok
1418-20 December 2005Mr.Yudhi Hermawan, an officer from Jakarta Cooperation Office, participated in the discussion about cooperation project regarding to Sister City Agreement. Bangkok
15June 2006Bangkok sent a basketball team participated in Jakarta Sister City Basketball Tournament 2006. Jakarta
1623 -29 August 2006Jakarta sent a group of representatives and youths participated in Bangkok International Children’s Games 2006, hosted by Bangkok. Thai-Japanese Sports Centre
179-16 June 2007Bangkok sent a basketball team participated in Jakarta Sister City Basketball Tournament 2007. Jakarta


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