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"  As built by deities, the administrative center, dazzling palaces and temples, the capital of Thailand. " 

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       Georgetown is the capital of state of Penang, located in the north end of northeast side of Penang islands, still conserving for the building, with its English and Portuguese style in the colonial era before World War 2, similar to the Portuguese house in Phuket of Thailand. Its has multi-ethnic culture living together seamlessly as Malaysian, Indian, Chinese, Eurasian, Armenian, Jewish, Japanses, British, Filipino and Indonesian.


       Penang is one of 13 states compose to Federation of Malaysia which is in the north-west of peninsula Malaysia. Penang has two parts, one is on the mainland called Seberang Perai, formerly Province Wellesley, an area of 760 square kilometres. The other island has an area of 285 square kilometres. Two parts seperated by strait. The narrowest width is only 3 kilometres. If travelling by car across from mainland to the island has to use 13.5 kilometres Penang bridge, the longest in Asia and no 4th in the world.

       An original generation of Malaysian called Penang as “Pulau Vazato” or “individual island” and becomes to “Pulau Pinang” or “island” In the past, an English people, Portuguese and Dutch came to trade and started a new page of Penang’s history in 1786 when Kedah Sultanate raised Penang island to British East India company, re-named as Prince of Wales island. After came to settle down, the name is changed to “Georgetown” by the name of King George the thrid. In 1800, Kedah Sultanate again raised Penang land in mainland, Province Wellesley to England and named in accordance to British governor stationed in India. In 1832 Penang has been a British colony, including the Malacca and Singapore.





       This fortress city of British was founded by Captain Francis Light in 1976. Captain Light delivered the island on behalf of East-India Company, to signed a contract with Sultan of Kedah in return for protection from Siamese. When Captain Light arrived, this island population was sparse. There is some story that when Captain Lights got to the place, he used the artillery fire, taking a gold piece into the city in order to excite the proletariat get up and fight before posses Penang.


       The island was named "Prince of Wales Island” as the acquisition date fell on the prince’s birthday. Soon Captain Light has established Georgetown and took possession a piece of land on the mainland next to Penang, later known as Wellesley province. Then gradually establish Georgetown as a port for discharging taxes and incite the natives to occupy the land as much as possible, from the land with sparse population increased to 10,000 people since the turn of century.


       In 1805, Penang was elevated from a colonial status to that of a Residency and set up an administration in the form of Government of India which the regime has the same layout of Madras and Bombay, then in 1826 there were transferred from the Singapore and Malacca, began to settle permanently. An economic started to alert and Georgetown developed rapidly and opened for teaching English for the first time in Southeast Asia since 1816.






       Penang has a mixed economy, whole tourism industry, agriculture and high-tech industry were developed and continuous invested by international companies. A manufacturing base for software, hardware and computer parts. Besides that the tourism industry also has been developed unceasingly due to Penang is the meeting point in Asia region for important meetings in various field. Further, Penang also is a center of exibition and performance. For agricultural, Penang has productivity in oil palm, rubber, and various fruits. Penang also has potential deep sea port, a gateway to Malaysia and more than 200 International ports in the world.





       Bangkok Governor, MR Sukhumbhand Paribatra with President of Penang Municipal Council,
Hajjah Patahiyah Bt. Ismail and Mayor Georgetown signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on the establishment of Friendly Cities between Bangkok and Municipal Council of Penangthe establishment of Sister city relationship on April 5, 2012. Have the good connection between Bangkok and City of Georgetown, Malaysia from that time till the present.

Download a PDF copy of the signing of the Sister Cities Agreement Georgetown

Leader Name

Lim Guan Eng

Consequences activities after signing on the agreement.

No.DateActivityVenueAlbum PhotoAlbum video
15 April 2012Bangkok Governor, MR Sukhumbhand Paribatra  and President of Penang Municipal Council, Hajjah Patahiyah Bt. signed to establish sister-city relationship Bangkok, Thailand


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